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Remember this:  people buy emotionally (and justify their decision logically). A whiteboard animation video using cartoon-style images has the capacity to emphasise emotion like no other medium. When a video taps into your prospects’ emotions, you start to build trust – and when someone trusts you, they’re far more likely to buy.

See the example below.

Whiteboard animation engages the viewer, because seeing things being drawn on screen is compelling –  we want to know what happens next!
These videos are particularly good for explaining processes and services. They work well for most B2B businesses, and because the images portray situations and emotions, the format can adapt to more or less any business niche.
There are 2 packages to choose from – see below for details.
I use industry-leading software to create these animations , resulting in natural drawing and writing effects.



  • Up to 60 secs video
  • Bespoke script
  • Royalty-free music backing track (no voiceover)
  • Delivered as mp4 file




  • 60-90 secs video
  • Bespoke script
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Additional music if required
  • Delivered as mp4 file


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