How To Create An Animated Logo Using Powerpoint

How To Create An Animated Logo Using Powerpoint

How To Create An Animated Logo With Powerpoint

You’ve probably noticed that video is everywhere – more and more business owners are realising that it’s pretty much an essential part of any marketing strategy these days.  If you’re creating videos regularly for your business, that’s great.  But are YOUR videos getting lost in a sea of sameness?  With so many videos now being shared on social media, it’s important to ensure that yours are seen – what are you doing to make them stand out and get noticed?

An animated logo – often called a logo reveal or logo stinger – is a simple way to add your branding and identity to every video you create and share online, either at the start, the end, or even both.  And it’s very easy to create your own in just a few minutes, using a tool that the majority of PC owners have access to:  Powerpoint.

Yes, our old friend Powerpoint has capabilities you probably hadn’t dreamed of – it’s by no means limited to creating those same old presentations that cause people to fall asleep in meetings and workshops.  I’m sure you’ve heard of Death By Powerpoint 😉

Add Branding – Get Your Videos Noticed

If you want to be seen amongst the ocean of video content, your videos need to stand out and be unique to your business.  An animated logo adds a touch of essential branding!

As well as adding your animated logo to existing videos,  use it as a standalone clip to share on social media – it’ll work well on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.  It’s even possible to upload videos directly to Pinterest nowadays.

You could also convert it into a gif and include that format in your emails (gifs are equivalent to images and they’ll autoplay wherever placed).  Try the EZGIF site –  it makes the process very straightforward.

So how do we create a logo animation in Powerpoint?   The simplest way to explain is in a video –  watch below to follow the process step-by-step as I produce a simple animated logo and tagline.  Why not add music to your video too – there are many places you can download royalty-free tracks, including YouTube’s own audio library  (select “attribution not required”)  and Facebook’s “Sound Collection” –  find this under “Publishing Tools” in your own Facebook page.

NB the video has my previous branding, please contact me via this email if you have comments or feedback.


Over To You

I hope I’ve inspired you to try creating your own animated logo! I’d love to see what you produce –  why not share in the comments,  or message me on Facebook.

Need A Bit More “Wow”?

Want even more visual punch to your logo reveal?  Here’s a showreel of examples that I’d love to create using YOUR logo – can you believe they’re just £20?  Message me to get started.  I’ll need your choice of design (let me know where it appears in the video), and your logo in png format. Not sure what that means?   Just ask, I’m here to help 🙂


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Is Business Networking Worthwhile?

Is Business Networking Worthwhile?

Business Networking – could it work for you?

“Networking doesn’t work for me. I went to a couple of meetings and got no business from them”.

What is wrong with this statement? I’ve heard it (or similar) a few times over the last 7 years.

I’ll let you into a secret. I don’t generate a huge amount of business from networking. The majority of my clients find me through social media, in particular Facebook (LinkedIn is starting to deliver results, too).

But you won’t hear me saying “networking doesn’t work for me”. Why?

I work from home – I don’t even have a “home office” as such. It’s just a desk in a (somewhat untidy) room. However, because my business involves being online all day, and therefore in front of a computer, I could rapidly become unhealthy, not to mention very lonely.

I’m an introvert

Networking gets me out of the house and into situations that a few years ago I’d have avoided – as an introvert, I still get nervous about walking into a roomful of strangers, and I really don’t like (and avoid) “social” occasions.

Networking has enabled me to build a large circle of contacts – not just those who’ve bought from me, or vice versa, but people I can refer business to.

Naomi Johnson speaking at networking meeting

It has also given me the opportunity to practise my public speaking, by giving short presentations on a range of topics.

Contacts and referrals

So, when someone asks if I know a graphic designer, web developer, business coach, photographer, plumber, electrician – or pretty much any business you care to mention – I can give them at least one name immediately.

Would you feel good if someone referred enquiries to you because they’ve got to know you and your work over a period of several years? 

Would you be happy if someone you knew through networking asked you to do business? Of course. 

Would you love the chance to raise awareness of your business and develop your speaking skills?

Give networking a chance

If you give it a chance, networking works – in many ways other than the obvious. 2 meetings are nowhere near enough. I always tell people to give it 6 months of consistent attendance as a minimum. 

What’s your experience of networking?

Need help?

Want to know about local business networking groups?  I regularly attend several local meetings, and I’m currently the leader of the 4Networking Retford group – we meet every second Friday at Ye Olde Bell Hotel, Barnby Moor.  I’d love to welcome you to a meeting in the future, so please contact me for details.

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