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I’ve been a business blogger since 2011 –  there are over 100 blog posts on my previous website.  To read my earlier work,  visit the Purrfectly Social blog.  I blog about a range of marketing topics including social media, blogging, Facebook Ads, video and networking.

Throughout my blogging journey, I’ve used WordPress to build my websites  –  and since last year the Divi theme has enhanced the appearance of this site and blog-  check it out!

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What’s Your ESP?

Not sure? Here's how to find out... What did you think when you saw “ESP”?  Extra-sensory perception?  That’s certainly the common use of the abbreviation.  Or did you wonder if I meant “USP” – unique selling proposition? What I’m going to talk about has nothing to do...

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Will Blogging Help My Business?

Why do I need a blog? By the time you've read to the end, you're more likely to be asking "Why would I NOT need a blog?" Quite simply, every business can benefit from a regularly updated blog.  There are many positives and virtually no negatives (apart from the fact...

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