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Do you feel like this?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know you need to be using video and Facebook Ads in your marketing, as well as blogging regularly, but getting in front of a camera is just a step too far!

Video is absolutely essential to keep your business visible throughout the current worldwide crisis. 

Use This Video To Stay In Touch

Need a quick way to keep your customers informed of
developments in your business?
Share a “Sticky Notes” video on social media, featuring your latest news!
This video, with your information for just £35.


    Not only do you need to be using video,  you need to be using it regularly – at least 3 times per week – and sharing on all your social networks, your website and your blog.

    That’s what it takes to be noticed online these days.

    Any old video won’t do – online attention spans are miniscule (8 seconds or less) so your video HAS to be eye-catching in order to stop the endless scroll…

    What if you’re a camera-shy business owner who’s pushed for time, with no idea of how to create attention-grabbing videos or set up successful ad campaigns, not to mention publishing regular blog posts?

    Option 1: spend hours researching via Google and YouTube, to discover that although there are plenty of free tools out there, the results you get with them are often disappointing.

    Option 2: explore this site to find fabulous video, Facebook Ads and blogging support packages at affordable prices.


    I’m Naomi Johnson, award-winning business owner of Value Added Video.

    I know how you feel.  I don’t like being on camera (yes I’ve done it and I fully appreciate how important it is, but it’s not the most comfortable experience for me). 

    My “thing” is creating attention-grabbing, scroll-stopping videos that DON’T involve cameras, filming, or you feeling stressed.  I love creating these. I’ve been doing it for myself and over 150 clients for more than 3 years.  ​​​​

    A​​​​nd now I’m offering you the chance to get my video expertise applied to YOUR business.

    Check out the options throughout this site.
    Video packages start at just £30!

    Take a minute to discover my affordable
    Facebook Ads and blogging support too. 

    don’t take my word for it…
    See what my clients say about the video work I’ve done for them…
    “I have to say Naomi is fantastic. She has a very structured and professional approach and the quality of her products is brilliant. She is exceptionally easy to deal with and very good at what she does. My videos have been very well received by my audience and it really is the best way to get your message out there. Thanks again Naomi.
    Jo Huey

    Director, johuey.co.uk

    “Naomi was fantastic from start to finish. I am so happy with my video and proud to share and promote it. Naomi really took on board the brief and what I needed and the turnaround time was fantastic. Highly recommend – a very professional service with fantastic customer service – thank you!.”
    Nicola Arnold

    CEO, Enkindle Life Coaching

    “Wow – I was getting in a real tiz trying to edit a few videos and get it look half decent. Naomi turned my request around very quickly and did an amazing job for a superb price. I wish I had asked her before! Naomi, I will definitely be back. Thank you!”
    Laura Bailey

    Business Development Consultant, Serious About Social

    “Naomi made me a video featuring some of my products and it’s amazing! It’s had a big impact on my customers already and I’m really pleased with it. Naomi’s attention to detail is brilliant and I’m so happy with her work.”
    Sue McKenna

    Director, The Maldon Soap Company

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